About Us

TH Field Services is a property inspections company based in north Texas. We specialize in mortgage, insurance and commercial property inspections.

TH Field Services was established in 2000. We have over 50 field representative placed through out north Texas.

TH Field Services prides itself on providing the quickest and most accurate results to it’s clients. We have dedicated staffing devoted to training and upholding the highest standards on each and every report that is completed.

TH Field Services utilizes all of the latest technology to provide efficient time saving techniques for it’ field representatives to relay the correct information back to the office as they complete the reports while at the properties.

TH Field Services can help you:

  • Reduce risk, make confident decisions, shorten turn times and maintain quality
  • Monitor the condition of delinquent properties
  • Assist with compliance with local regulations, including HOA and municipality, to avoid/reduce penalty fees
  • Alert you of critical condition changes

We understand the importance of accurate and timely inspections, TH Field Services takes advantage of  the following methods to prevent unnecessary, costly delays:

Electronic Processing: All work received from a client is uploaded and distributed to the field electronically, and the field representative enters the inspection results upon completion at the property.

Quality control: Quality checks begin at order entry so that any errors are caught early in the process. Making the rest of the process more efficient and cost saving for the client.

Strategic Locations: Inspectors are located in key cities through out the north Texas area. This enables us to provide much quicker turn around time.

Selective Process: We have taken the time to thoroughly check each representative  to ensure we are upholding the highest standards and practices. Their performance is monitored and measured through a vendor report card that is available electronically.